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YCPC Online Coding Courses

YCPC courses provide quick and compact access to advanced programming concepts. Designed for younger audiences, the courses offer jargon-free explanations and excellent reference materials. Currently YCPC offers Beginners Java, Beginners Python, Web Fundamentals, Advanced Web Development, Advanced Python, Advanced Java, and Introduction to Linux.

Minecraft Coding Camp

A 2 day coding workshop for middle and high schoolers, YCPC’s Minecraft Coding Camp uses the ComputerCraft mod to cut out the intensive memorization characteristic to traditional pedagogy. Students will learn Lua by programming in-game robots to automate various in-game tasks ranging from ore mining to zombie fighting.

Library Coding Initiative

Youth Competitive Programming Circle’s Library Coding Initiative provides libraries with the resources to bring computer science education to disadvantaged youth. Through the program, YCPC assists librarians and other interested community leaders in starting clubs, holding classes, and providing the requisite software and coding resources to allow students to jumpstart their computer science careers.

Bridge Program

Through the Bridge Program, YCPC hosts and helps other schools and clubs set up field trips to tech companies located in the Bay Area. The Bridge Program is designed to inspire students about STEM by organizing and facilitating trips to tech . Participants get to see that working in computer science is not just cubicle-work, but also collaboration in dynamic, team-based facilities which are famous for their great atmospheres.



Padma Gundapaneni



Akash Kedia



Newell Arnerich

Board Member

iGate Innovation Hub Board Member,

Danville Council Member,

CCTA Board Member


Developers Team Leader: Padma Gundapaneni

Bridge Team Leader: Himalini Gururaj

MCC Team Leader: Srisai Nachuri

Writing Team Leader: Megan Tsang

Courses Team Leader: Anelise Cho

Grants Team Leader: Anchita Bora


Summer 2017 Interns: Dana Jian, Mishka Manidaw, Prachi Deo, Sana Bharadwaj, Yash Taneja, Abigale Kim, Ankushi Dutta, Brandon Wang, Kevin Li, Vade Shah, Vishakh Nair, Aesha Parekh, Anika Garg, Deven Shah, Nikolai Peram, Dharavi Yegireddy, Haimi Shah, Indra Ratna, Katherine Gan, Tanya Kapur, Abhigna Kodipyaka, April Le, Jesus Lizardo, Stephanie Huang, Torin Keenan, Karl Mattsson, Kevin Han, Sharath Sanagavarapu, Shivanshu Gupta, Diana Ren, Dylan Tran, Kamalesh Ananthakrishnan, Malar Kumarappan, Nicole Leung

Winter 2016 Interns: Jennifer Choi, Ryan Leontini, Puneet Gill, Esha Vaishnav, Indra Ratna, Faris Bokhari, Mudith Mallajosyula, Jaskaran Bakshi, Daniel Kouchekinia, Sean Nesbit, Julia Leontini, Matthew Lee, Anchita Bora, Himalini Gururaj, Michael Chao, Ashwini Murali, Caroline Chu, Keah Sharma, Devin Chang, Alyssa Krull, James Kim, Nicole Schultz, Nikhil Nagarajan, Anelise Cho, Faith Leung, Sarah Guller, Nicole Leung, Trisha Sanghal, Japnidh Thakral, Naval Patel, Rylan Chao

Summer 2016 Interns: Alise Bruevich, Indra Ratna, Sindhu Daggupati, Eshita Banerjee, Padma Gundapaneni, Anahita Pochiraju, Mrunal Puram, Megan Tsang, Japnidh Thakral, Katherine Gan, Ashwini Murali, Rishi Rao, Maanasa Govindarajan, Aira Camille Samontina, Yash Potdar, Nithesh Perumal, Srisai Nachuri, Rushi Uppu, Sowrya Vummarao, Sindhuja Kuncharapu, Anchita Bora

Winter 2015 Interns: Ashwin Gokhale, Poornima Velaverthipati, Sanjana Konduru, Pranav Garg, Akash Kedia, Jessica Ma, Albert Wiryawan, Natalie Man, Harshitha Janardan, Shreya Puli, Jitesh Motati, Rishi Kalakuntia, Katherine Gan, Hyun Oh, Andrea Duldulao, Sinduja Thati, Isha Lamba, Ami Shah, Anahita Pochiraju, Patrick Ma, Rebecca Lee, Gloria Miller, Alise Bruevich, Pratyusha Tadepalli


Alise Bruevich, Kevin Vuong, Eric Zhao, Eric Gan, Natalie Man, Shaurya Dubey, Nicole Schultz, Aira Samontina, Mrunal Puram

Our Story

  • August 2013


    Originally a 40 member club at Dougherty Valley High School, we slowly added more schools and more districts to our roster.

  • February 2014

    Online Courses

    A team of ambitious high schoolers created our first accelerated online course: Beginner's Python.

  • July 2014

    Transition to Not-for-Profit

    Making the transition from a school club to a national 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, we launched our chapter program and recreated our initial club structure. Construction begins on our documentation and chapter managment dashboard.

  • October 2014

    Bridge Program

    In October, the Bridge Program was started with the help of a handful of San Francisco based tech start ups. Helping to organize trips to tech companies like Github and Lumosity, the Bridge Program has since been met with strong support from districts across the state.

  • January 2015

    Minecraft Coding Camp

    In January, we began offering our first coding workshop, the Minecraft Coding Camp, in partnership with companies across the Bay Area. Why teach kids how to code simple 'Hello World' programs when they can be commanding robots in Minecraft?

  • July 2015

    MCC Outreach

    In an effort to offer Minecraft Coding Camp to less fortunate neighborhoods where coding programs have been previously unavailable, we began our MCC outreach program in July where we provided modified chromebooks for use in neighborhoods with disadvantaged children.

  • November 2015

    Internship Program

    In November, we held our first internship session. Our internship program allows high school students to gain work experience by working in an official computer science internship and learning important programming and communication skills necessary for future careers.

  • December 2015

    Beginners' Java

    In December, we released our third course: Beginners' Java. We created a Java course because Java is one of the most popular languages used by programmers.

  • June 2016

    Advanced Java Course

    A team of high school students created a second Java course. The Advanced Java course introduces complex topics such as recursion, sorting algorithms, and inheritance in an easy-to-understand fashion.

  • June - November 2016

    MCC Sessions

    The MCC team held a total of five MCC sessions at Kumon and in the Lafayette, Orinda, Fremont, and Dougherty Station libraries.

  • December 2016

    Introduction to Linux Course

    We created an Introduction to Linux course. In this course, students are introduced to basic Ubuntu and command line concepts as well as cybersecurity.

  • April 2017

    Expansion of Internship Program

    Our vice president expanded YCPC's internship program to 10 different high schools in the area and over 250 people were interested in working with us.

  • June 2017

    4th Internship Session

    YCPC hosted its 4th internship session with 34 interns and a staff and officer team of 10 people, our largest session to date.

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