Connecting Students to the World of Technology

The Bridge Program is designed to inspire more students to enter the computer science and STEM industries by organizing and facilitating trips to tech and research companies. From setting up guided tours with software startups to organizing lunch reservations, this program assists schools in creating easy and rewarding field trip experiences with YCPC handling much of the logistics for students in order to demonstrate the practical benefits of working in a rapidly growing sector.

Students will be able to see that working in computer science is not mere cubicle-work, but collaboration in dynamic, team- based offices famous for their great work atmospheres. Students will not only be exposed to unique workplaces, but also interact and follow real developers as they go about their daily work.

Culture of the Computer Science Industry

One of the hallmarks of technology companies these days are the perks and benefits they offer to their employees. Since technology workers are in high demand and generally short supply, companies will often bend over backwards to entice workers to join them, by offering high salaries, fun offices and good food.

A First Hand Look

One of the largest misconceptions regarding computer science is that it’s merely the art of smashing away at keyboards in cubicles. This program is geared towards showing students the workplace of a company at the cutting edge: bright offices filled with food, unorthodox decoration, and a productive, happy workforce. It’s this idea that the program intends to show to students, and hopefully entices more computer science students with.

A Typical Bridge Trip

Most trips take place on weekdays around 9 o’clock as many companies are closed over the weekend. Beginning with a guided tour at the first company, students will be able to shadow developers and observe firsthand the workday at a tech company. Around noon, students leave the company and head to a nearby restaurant for lunch. YCPC does not organize transportation, but is able to reserve restaurants within walking distance. Students will then attend the next company and repeat the process as before. The tour will end around 5 PM, and students will get home around 5:30 PM.

Sample Schedule from a Previous Excursion

9:15: Meet at Pleasanton/Dublin BART; depart at 9:30 to Powell BART Station.

9:50: Arrive at Powell BART Station and walk to Github Headquarters (5 minutes)

10-12 PM: Github Headquarters Tour; after, depart to La Boulange for lunch

1:00 PM: Eat lunch at La Boulange for 40 minutes, then walk to Lumos Labs (2 min walk)

2-4 PM: Lumos Labs tour; depart to Montgomery Bart station

4:20 PM: Arrive at Dublin/Pleasanton BART Station.


There are no prerequisites for students to participate on a program: all skill levels and backgrounds are welcome. If there are any students with unusual circumstances that intend to attend, we request that we are informed prior in order to accommodate their needs.

We do request that the school provide transportation to and from the offices. Due to liability issues, the organization is unable to organize such services for the students. Although we do try to make sure that companies and restaurants are within walking distance of each other, commute between the trip location and the school may vary to up to half an hour.

Although student volunteers will be present to assist with the trip, they will not officially be part of the trip and will not be able to lend students money or be obligated to be chaperones.

You have made it to the end! If you have any questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.